Ttiagratefulft: 12th of April 2017 

  • .My first cup of tea in bed in the morning 
  • Birdsong ….it’s like a veritable forest out there today . 
  • My pets …….’nuff said ! I did this silly poem about them x 
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Three things I am grateful for today : 08.02.17

  • It has been a while ! Today I felt very close to my work pals who are a  really lovely and committed bunch of people ….bless them ! 
  • I managed to shift a growing feeling of sadness by spending time with others. 
  • I feel that things maybe coming together a bit ….perhaps it’s to do with Friday’s great planetary conjunction ! 
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  • Waking up in a comfy bed listening to the traffic on the A1 and knowing I am taking my daughter to her first big music gig !!! 
  • My lovely girl snuggled up and sleepy .
  • Thinking about breakfast . 
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Ttiagratefulft: 14.10.16

. I am so buoyed up when I see people’s creative ideas take shape . There is nothing more worthwhile than watching inspiration flower and grow . It seems the stuff of life ! 

  • Perhaps I can officially say I am an alien !!! Been reading the ( perhaps ridiculous)  theoriesof rhesus  negative blood types of which I am one A- . There is a theory that we are descended from ‘fallen angels’ or the alien race the Nephilim !!! Just finding out more. My dad would have loved this !! 
  • Mod Podge is my life . 
  • Neil Gaiman’s ‘Stardust ‘ novel is the subject of inspiration for an exciting illustration competition details here . Better get illustrating !! 
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….back home from a whirlwind trip to London . The smell of my dog’s head and the way she leans on me while I’m eating breakfast . Home . 

… marmite on toast then covered with hard boiled egg from my own chickens bottom ! 

…today I went to get the chickens up and they were all four of them in the eglu cube !! While I was away it seems the door of their old coop got shut so the two older chickens couldn’t get in to roost . Now I can put the old mite infested coop out of action !! Result . ( boring I know but not if you love chickens ) 

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. … Skippy Skye Dog !! Today I took her to the Batts in Richmond and I felt like a professional Dog trainer !! She is amazing ! 

… My  2 new chickens . Ginge and Bloobs . Unfortunately Getting some stick from the two old ladies . Ginge slept in the tree and I put Bloo in the new hen house .

….only 3 pics away from completing the book project . I have definitely improved over time ! 

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Ttigratefulft: 01.08.16

.today I said goodbye to a project that will always be dear to my heart ! I have made new life long friends from it and will always have very fond memories . We live in a world of temporary contracts but gladly not temporary feelings . 

. Today a tiny tiny fledgling wren flew right past my face when I went to feed the chickens . 

. I am tempted to go and see Status Quo in honour of my dad over Christmas in Newcastle . Thinking about Dad a lot recently . 

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