Things I am grateful for today :24.4.15

. Two beautiful swans flying in a bright blue sky over the A1 on my way to work .

. A wonderful group of people who helped me to develop an acronym for COPE this morning in a group : 

calm yourself

Observe your thoughts and feelings

Plan or postpone ( don’t react in the moment give yourself time )

Engage : deal with the person or situation with the logical rational brain in gear ! 

. Seeing things in things : can you see two chatting ladies in this photograph of my wall ? 


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Three things I am grateful for today . 25.03.15

.tea…..tea is good ! Tea makes me happy ! Wakes me up changes my mood ! I am particularly loving Twinings Lady Gray tea at the moment . Today I get to play for four hours at Artpad Wakefield where I will be demonstrating some techniques with Derwent art products . Good fun ! I will be at the shop in Northgate from 5 until 9 this evening .

.digital drawing . Getting very into the simplicity of drawing animals on my iPad . Now I am working full time I don’t get the opportunity to get out all the materials . The Zen brush App  is a must for digital drawing . Did this Grey Owl on Sunday .  


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Ttiagratefulft: 04.01.15


…thinking about moving on this year. Time to get painting and drawing printing and sketching.

…my lovely daughter Heather who has consistently worked on her Uni essays over the holidays with very little complaining!!!

…acrylics !!! Found some glow in the dark paint yesterday…very excited to get printing with that !


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Tiagratefulft : 07.11.14

…the wonderful freedom of truly ‘going with the moment experienced working with those who have little connection with anything else .
… I never knew that hermit crabs line up in order of size and swap shells !!! I am astounded by footage on David Atenbrough’s Life Story programme !!! It makes me feel warm and fuzzy!

…the beautiful Island of Colonsay



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…wonderful thunderstorm , beautiful sky .
…beautiful Skye

…watching ‘The Lego Movie’ with Jessie eating chocolate BNs



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.today I got contact lenses . It was so good to look around and see clearly without glasses again. I think I’m going to like them !

.clothes airers are not given the publicity they deserve ! On rainy days you can string up your pants and stuff and get them dry in the house !

.Gerberas ….I was given a lovely pastel pink one as a thank you present from Artlink West Yorks following the amazing exhibition of Studio 3s work this week. They are archetypal flowers!



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Tiagratefulft :07.05.14

…Petpals North Yorkshire who make my life so much happier by taking my doggie out for a walk when we are all at work.

…omelette made with my very own chicken eggs 🐓🐓🐓🐓

…Toffeecrisp !!


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