.I am grateful that my lovely Skye has eaten a small bit of tuna. He has not been well again . Hopeful she is now on the mend!

.I am totally in love with the apple pencil and the procreate App for drawing and sketching it is intuitive and simple.

.A wintry cold day with flurries of snow. 

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Ttiagratefulft : 09.01.16

.watching my budgies!

. Lunch with friends , and arty chats ! 

. Antibiotics kicking in !!  


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.waking up to the first visible frost of the season ! Ice in the pond. 

.introduced to the beautiful films of Bela Tarr .Watched the Turin Horse…nothing happens but everything is alive with meaning.Mesmerised.



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Ttiagratefulft: 25.12.15


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.drawing in the Station with snow outside and Reeth Brass Band playing Christmas Carols !! 

 .being surrounded by beautiful works of art   And picking my favourite of each artist in the exhibition . 

These beautiful Raku fired ceramic owls by Kathy Pike

These expressive seed heads by Sue Dewhurst :

This wonderful snowy moorland photo by Ian Short  

There will be more to come next time when I will pick my favourite from John Degnan, Alistair Brooks and the lovely Papercutter Girl Claire Lindley . 

. Snow snow beautiful Snow ! 

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.this morning while feeding the chickens I heard the loveliest sound coming from the tree above the pond (think sunken old bath rather than elaborate water feature.) there was a blackbird sitting deep in the tree just above my head. It was singing the usual blackbird dawn chorus song which is unmistakeable but he was singing it so quietly it was like a whisper. I have never heard this was as if he was practicing his song ready for the spring.JUST BEAUTIFUL ! 

.our power has come back on and we have light heat and tea ! It makes me realise how much we take for granted.

.J makes me laugh so much.She is an odd little person  (mean that in the nicest way ) she can mimic voices so well and has a very healthy sense of the ridiculous which should keep her going through life . I am such a lucky Mum with two such characters for daughters!


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