.Beltane !! 

.very very beautiful atmospheric countryside 

.gifts found in the wild … Stones from the Swale , a hollow plant stem a jawbone and a tail from the Dale . 

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Ttiagratefulft :  22.05.16

. Prince ! Purple Rain .

. Victoria Wood . I am so grateful for the times I have practically wet myself watching Victoria Wood and Julie Waters . Such a talent ! Rest in peace beautiful lady . 

. Sunshine and old abandoned buildings . 


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Ttiagratefulft: 06.03.16

This is a little late blog just didn’t get around to posting this on the day . 

.today I finished crocheting some mittens . I would call my crochet freeform , it starts off following a pattern then it tends to take its own path . Well they work as mittens and that’s what counts !
. There is nothing better than a Mother’s Day cup of tea in my favourite blackbird cup and breakfast in bed . 

. Lovely pair of earrings in a tree of life motif from Jess for Mother’s Day …love them ! 

. Arty afternoon with my lovely girlie …great fun . She is definitely becoming a cool little artist .


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This gratefulft : 18.02.16

.what a glorious time in Torquay with my beautiful sister and all the kids . Skies are blue ! 

. Met a great Sandartist Geoff who completed a brilliant design in memory of my Dad on the beach . What a star ! Look him up at Sandartist Torquay on YouTube ! 

. Today ….Dartmoor and the legendary Wistmans wood for photos and sources for drawing.

. Hopefully a trip to see Isabelle Coulton working on her beautiful ‘Madonna and Child’ sculpture at the Abbey .  


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Today I am going on a journey with my beautiful daughters to my home town where I will see my lovely sister and her two equally beautiful children. I expect that we will laugh a lot, smell the sea, get fed up with the dog and drink some wine . What could be better?
Yesterday I spent the afternoon with some talented,witty , inspiring artists , I laughed a lot and felt that I had found a clan .
Yesterday would have been my Dad’s birthday BARRY HAINES. We are coming to see you Diddy !

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.I am grateful that my lovely Skye has eaten a small bit of tuna. He has not been well again . Hopeful she is now on the mend!

.I am totally in love with the apple pencil and the procreate App for drawing and sketching it is intuitive and simple.

.A wintry cold day with flurries of snow. 

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