Ttiagrateful : this week so far !! 

My lovely niece Bryony came to stay and made us all laugh lots ! Silly face selfies ! 

The lovely Sarah from work whose perfume wafts up the stairs from reception ! Have sent for a sample . 

Sharing inspirational moments with lovely friends at The fabulous film’Inside Out ‘ . I loved it so much and sobbed uncontrollably !

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Ttiagratefulft: 12.08.15

the weather has been very kind . We have been swimming at North Berwick. 

The Great British Bake Off . 

Van Gogh in the flesh/oil at the Scottish Museum . 


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Ttiagratefulft: 26.07.15

Che Corbyn watermarkpsd

…it had to be done !! I created this photo merge this morning having been struck by the resemblance. I am delighted to watch the rise of Jeremy Corbyn and to see the way his voice is moving younger voters.Perhaps there is hope for the labour party and the country after all !!!

…Bought my lovely Jess her first guitar for her 13th birthday ! Proud and thankful to be able to do that .

…feeling optimistic and empowered, I have some fabulous friends, three of whom were with me yesterday and the sun stayed out for a walk.

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Ttiagratefulft: 12.06.15

.my lovely old jogging pants from H and M . I wish I had bought two pairs ! They are bold oriental patterns on black ( now faded to grey from repeated wear !! ) . You know that feeling when you put something on and it feels like you ! 

.i have just ordered a beautiful top from joe Browns in a similar style to the pants mentioned . Black background with bold coloured flowers . I hope it will become another old friend . 

.lemsip and my bed ! I have a nasty cold ! 



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.today I heard a cuckoo at 7:00 am 

. Spent a lot of lovely time in my garden today . Sunny and lovely ! 

.thinking about singing again and have agreed to join a group in Richmond on Tuesday evenings ! Excited  


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Things I am grateful for today :24.4.15

. Two beautiful swans flying in a bright blue sky over the A1 on my way to work .

. A wonderful group of people who helped me to develop an acronym for COPE this morning in a group : 

calm yourself

Observe your thoughts and feelings

Plan or postpone ( don’t react in the moment give yourself time )

Engage : deal with the person or situation with the logical rational brain in gear ! 

. Seeing things in things : can you see two chatting ladies in this photograph of my wall ? 


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Three things I am grateful for today . 25.03.15

.tea…..tea is good ! Tea makes me happy ! Wakes me up changes my mood ! I am particularly loving Twinings Lady Gray tea at the moment . Today I get to play for four hours at Artpad Wakefield where I will be demonstrating some techniques with Derwent art products . Good fun ! I will be at the shop in Northgate from 5 until 9 this evening .

.digital drawing . Getting very into the simplicity of drawing animals on my iPad . Now I am working full time I don’t get the opportunity to get out all the materials . The Zen brush App  is a must for digital drawing . Did this Grey Owl on Sunday .  


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