…the Rookery over Castle Walk in Richmond. It is a lovely,if noisy place to be.Because the castle walkway is high up and the trees are planted on a slope going down to the river, the Rooks are very close to the path even though they are in the tops of the trees!. It is great watching them bring bits of stuff back to make their messy nests. One rook had found a grotty peice of plastic bag that he was proudly carrying when a gust of wind took it off him. It fell down to just beneath my feet. The Rook stayed in the tree watching me and watching the priceless peice of plastic until I left.

…Today a replacement kitchen utensil arrived : a Good Housekeeping Whisk!!! Whehey!!! Anyone would think I liked cooking!

…Etsy…a simple and easy way to sell my stuff on line! I have set up a shop so please come and visit http://www.etsy.com/shop/BeverleyHaines?ref=si_shop


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