…the fact that today I had half a tank of petrol and ABSOLUTELY NO INTENTION OF FILLING UP !!!?WHAT COMPLETE NONSENSE…sometimes I find it embarrassing to be British.

…My car…even if it wont be filled with any petrol by the weekend. At least if it becomes disfunctional as transport it will be beautiful to look at !!! When the Chrysler PT Cruiser came out I just knew I had to have one…the ultimate Art Deco Car! when I was able to get a gold one at the right price second hand five years ago I thought that all my Christmases had come at once !! I adore it still even though the front windows and the air conditioning dont work!!! I was going to draw a pic of the car but I am so so tired I cannot tonight !!!

…lavender …I love it …the smell…the colour …the plant ..This picture was taken in the summer . The colour is lovely against the orange of the garage door.

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