…’Boardwalk Empire’ what a fantastic series…Heather and I are watching it through thanks to ‘Love Film’..today we watched two episodes in a row while Jess was at her friends, (definitely not suitable for under tens!). The title sequence must be one of the best I have ever seen. It is violent and hideous in a lot of ways but the characters are so well crafted…fantastic. Nearly as good as ‘Carnivale’ which we are also ploughing through.

…today I just had to draw Jessie’s playmobil village…every holiday Jess gets stuck into a new construction. This time she has turned her Zoo into an elaborate school! The endless creativity of a nine year old!!

…a short but satisfying dog walk with ‘sniffy dog’ who ,despite now being old and fairly sedate on the lead..still has to stop a while at every new smell and leave a droplet of her own….! We love you MILLSA!!

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