Tiagratefulft: 17.4.12

…a beautiful, blustery,bright spring day after a rainy start…Richmond looked fresh and alive this morning.

…a day at home with Jessie as she has a bout of conjunctivitis!! Homework in the morning and then ET this afternoon. I had forgotten how sad that film is. Is there anyone out there who cries as much as I do to these slushy films?…I am SO sentimental!! What a lovely film though…I seem to cry more at the Happy Bits…what does that mean?

…I designed some more business cards today which I’m pleased with…sent off to ‘Vistaprint’ for an ultra cheap deal.

…the pics today are sketches of photos I took last week…one of a stuffed Fox from ‘Foxglove Covert’ and one is of Hev and Mills taken when Hev was ill and cuddling the dog for comfort!!


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1 Response to Tiagratefulft: 17.4.12

  1. Your drawings are beautiful 🙂

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