Tiagratefulft: 26/4/12

…the realisation that I can get Percy Pigs and Wasabi Peas AND wine from a small Marks and Spencer on the way home from work!!! How sinful !

…tonight we are going to print the Kenyan flag onto Jessies t shirt for school tomorrow…wish me luck.I may post the results.

Jess has been drawing and drawing this evening . Her latest love is Wolves and she has drawn a little one for me….she is also reading ‘The Call of the Wild’ by Jack London…how lovely to be reading that for the first time!!!

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6 Responses to Tiagratefulft: 26/4/12

  1. I was scrolling through blogs I follow when I saw the wasabi peas and was thinking what a lovely drawing and then…. I saw the pig! Veggie Percys?! Oh my goodness! So glad you drew this, I’m gonna make a special trip to M&S after uni to get some 😀 Thank you 😀

    • Yes I had a bit of a self indulgent trip home yesterday!!! I actually think that an overdose of veggie percys sent my daughter sky high last night..though they don’t seem to have any e
      numbers !! Maybe it was just the intense excitement of having them!

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