Tiagratefulft: 28.4.12


…today I did it ! I braved the understairs cupboard. It was a matter of neccessity..one of my new shoes had been consumed by it last week and I need it !!!!. It was not a very nice experience, although Jess did help a lot by being small getting in to drag objects out of the depths! She was spurred on by a NEED to find the tennis balls which we hadn’t seen for over a year!! She found, balls found, piles made,shoes paired and bagged….I am truly a saint!!!(sorry Jess : WE are truly saints)

…R introduces me to a free pen which Hev got in the post along with her refills from Custom Pens. It is a Schneider Slider Edge XB . It is a triangular (easy to grip) biro with ‘viscoglide’ technology…I like it…I like it very much…I have treated myself to four of them in different colours I think they will be great to draw with SO SMOOTH…I will draw blogs with them when I get them.

…Well I thank you thank you thank you !!! all of you lovely people who look at my blogs…I made it to 99 views yesterday… I think it was the Tapir!! I am so loving this blog. If I don’t immediately look at all my followers blogs it is only because I simply do not have time…
I have to blog and go! At this very moment I have Jess hovering over me waiting for the computer… I really appreciate your viewing my blog. I am beginning to Love doing it and will continue. I am only a few posts away from my 100th blog how about that?

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