Tiagratefulft: 3.5.12


…some of the lovely art produced in the Derwent Workshop today…I have had such a fabulous time. Lovely people all keen to have a go and try new techniques…I must say I am exhausted after the last three days but extremely satisfied!!

…my lovely girls.SO SO good to come home to them…H still very poorly with a nasty syndrome which arises from dormant chicken pox virus…results in sever numbing of one side of the face…it is getting better though I sm grateful for that Bless her..!

H gets another A for her literature work at college…she is cracking on big style with her work this year…York Uni is in sight..Go Hev!!!!!

Great to be Home and a big big hug to my best pal Anna for accompanying me on this work trip and making it doubly enjoyable!!! I love Keswick!

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