…two pictures of the Yorkshire Dales done as  a demonstration in the Derwent Workshop on thursday…the first picture which was printed from a polystyrene tile in Derwent Inktense bars has been overworked with inktense pencils…the second pic was done in Derwent Artbars and is more subtle in tone…I dont think I want to do too much to this one I might have overdone the first. Let me know what you think.Inktense is a watersoluble ink product and the Artbars are waxy but still soluble in water. They are great!

…Jess and I just spent an hour in the co-op collecting for British Heart Foundation. I met two really lovely people Wynn and Barbara…Barbara is a singer and obviously very enthusiastic about the Station Singers in Richmond. I am keen to do some more singing so might look into this! I really really want to do some Eastern European folksinging…maybe not much call for it around Richmond. Barbara was keen on this music too….I feel another small choir coming on!

…I am grateful for my lovely husband  (absolutely no hint of sarcasm)cleaning the bathroom after my absolute tirade this morning!  I was on a feminist warpath…I really cannot understand how husbands (and daughters ) do not automatically do cleaning! (I mean deep cleaning ! not the surface wipe over stuff) I took the passive aggressive approach and  very sarcastically called out “perhaps someone would like to clean the bathroom this morning!” before I took Jess to gymnastics , it didnt go down too well. R did clean the bathroom reluctantly Of course it wasn’t up to my standards but ……….hey this is meant to be a gratitude blog ……THANKYOU for doing something I have done millions of times  before without thanks !



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One Response to Tiagratefulft:05.05.12

  1. Em and I LOVE the dales 1inktense. The colours are so rich and vibrant.

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