ImageImage…R home today so I was able to get on with painting uninterrupted…wonderful! Enjoyed experimenting with inktense pencil work over oil based prints as above.

…another lovely day much warmer with some patchy sun. R outside cutting the grass as we speak.

…great to chat to Barbara Sutcliffe today as she and Mick  put the final touches to ‘The Old Mill’ in Skeeby. How exciting!! The residential studio space will be ready for action soon and the open day is looming. Myself and some of the Pop-up Artists will be exhibiting and a local celebrity/important person will be cutting the ribbon!!! Can’t wait! and I am designing the invites! Wonderful!

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One Response to Tiagratefulft:08.05.12

  1. The picture using acqua colours is beautiful!
    Mick and I are excited that you are so excited about the Open Day – and about designing the invitations! Thank you in anticipation!

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