Tiagratefulft: 21.05.12


…today R and I sorted more stuff from the ‘studio’ space including going through a big box of R’s books and finding a few treasures which ,thankfully, haven’t been eaten by mice!!!!

…I love my ancient chunky caterpillar boots! they got covered in paint today and still brushed up good as new! Proper working boots!!!A coat of magnolia roughly covers the walls of the studio now.

…the dead robin got ‘removed’ last night for me. I heard a tawny owl about, very close at around 4am after J had woken me up crawling into my bed after a bad dream. I have decided I like being up at 4am when the birds are starting to wake up . I wonder what took the robin,,,probably a cat has taken it as a colourful gift for its human.


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One Response to Tiagratefulft: 21.05.12

  1. grosenberg says:

    I love that 4am time. Wonderful silence and stillness

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