…my home transformed into Gallery Space!

…time today to stop, reflect and unwind !!!Reflecting on how far I have come in one year . Feeling very very grateful. Mostly grateful for a new understanding of how success will only be as great as your own mind allows it to be! This is a hard one. I am still beset with self doubt, incomprehensible worrying, comparison and harsh self criticicism!!! but I am beginning to keep it under control and to realise that it it is utterly, utterly UTTERLY POINTLESS!!!!!!!!!

…a lovely evening meal with my beloved family. R, J and H (who has just passed midway point in her A level exams!!!)

AND Millsa!!!!who is once again endlessly on a quest for food!!! back to normal I think!

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1 Response to Tiagratefulft:11.06.12

  1. Gill Gill says:

    I understand entirely! Well done you! Looks great. G x

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