20120726-082650 PM.jpg

…isn’t this the scruffiest cutest hamster you have seen? This is Xiang Xi ( pronounced Chang shee ) we don’t know what it means but we think this hamster is very Zen . His fur is long and all sorts of stuff gets caught up in it which we have to cut out occasionally !!! He is extremely friendly and loves cuddles unlike his mum who bites you if you souch as smile at her ! We all love Xiang Xi hope u do too . And if you happen to know Chinese or Japanese and his name means something awful please let us know . We made it up entirely . It started as Gingy because he is ginger then moved into a more oriental mode !

…very busy day at Mind today lots of trauma and distress !! There are so many people suffering anxiety and pain . I need some Xiang Xi today x

… My lovely lady is 10 on Sunday !!!!
Here is some further cute!!!

20120726-084756 PM.jpg

20120726-084829 PM.jpg

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