…today I held my first chicken!! I went on a course at Durham Hens and had such a great time. The course was informative and made me feel super confident about getting some chickens. I held a lovely ginger nut ranger who went all quiet , soft and warm . I’m hooked. I just wanted to take some hens home…but I have to wait till our holiday is over and I have painted the coop!

…I have been spurred on to get the chicken area penned off. The coop is not in it yet but I have sectioned off the run area to stop Millie from weeing in it .

…bought some wood clippings to cover the run floor ! I have got about 6 steps closer to having chickens today.

The pics were done at Durham Hens in Tow Law as I got there super early for the course ! Very keen. Pics were drawn on my iPhone on brushes app.

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