…having a great idea then having to let it go because it is completely impractical…a good lesson for me…I have about a million and one ideas which turn into plans  in my brain at 4 am in the morning! The trouble is I can tend to go straight from plan into action without considering practical issues like: have I got all the materials I need? Do I have the skills I need to be able to do it?….Basically I attempted to section off another area of the garden today to let the hens have an alternative run on a dry surface…I had some chicken wire and a staple gun! It started well until I realised that I couldn’t just staple both ends as I would not be able to get into the run. I improvised and attached one end of the wire to an old garden fork which I figured I would move aside to get in. Unfortunately I could not fit the fork close enough in the ground to the wall do there was a microscopic gap between the wire and the wall. Surely none of my fat well fed chicks could get through this gap thought I!! So I picked them all up one by one and plonked them into the new dry run. All went well for some time as I had unearthed some rather interesting bugs,slugs etc by moving a large slab. All chicken brains were engaged on food. Feeling rather pleased with myself I went about my business. About ten minutes later I could see that Flossie had miraculously found herself on the wrong side of the wire!….I plopped her back in and watched intently to try to work out her escape route. She went back to slug stabbing as if nothing exceptional had occurred. The …I swear this is true! one by one the little buggers lined up and squeezed through the inch wide gap to freedom! All of them went back into their original run one by one after a bit of an excursion around the garden. Funny!
…I adore chickens!

…I love singing too!

My Haven

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