…it is STILL raining!! I have given up trying to sort out the chicken run !!! It is one muddy stinky pile ! Sadly the girls have been confined to quarters again today …I am grateful that the floor within the run attached to coop is not yet too wet ….but if this goes on much longer who knows they may float away!!!

…I am grateful that I did not have to go anywhere today loads of flooding in and out of Richmond and on the A1 . I wonder if it will all subside before I attempt to get to work tomorrow .

…my lovely doggie ! She really does not like the rain ! Or much else at the moment she seems very out of sorts … Maybe a trip to vets is called for. She is beautiful if a bit cranky in her old age.



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1 Response to Tiagratefulft:25.09.12

  1. Judith Williams says:

    Love the positive attitude amongst all that moisture…..as in you could stay home! Also love your half drown chooks sketch.
    We haven’t had real rain in months (so a tad envious of your puddles.)

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