…a lovely day with our Hevii yesterday.Trip to Monks Cross shopping centre for food restocking and outfit finding for Hevs Halloween night. Lunch in Pizza Hut.Best of all a feast of Heather Hugs!!!!!

…today I am grateful for our wonderful Scottish Vet …I wish I knew his name…He works at the Swale Veterinary Surgery in Richmond and he is fantastic. We had to take Bluey (male Budgie ) in to have his beak clipped. This man just adores animals you can really tell. He talked to Bluey all the time and treated him so gently. Bluey ended up with an unexplained bleed from some feathers on his wing ..we think he may have pulled at them at some point in the proceedings. There was alot of blood and I was quite concerned . It was a mystery. The blood was not coming from the beak or Bluey’s claws which the vet trimmed too. It was as if a number of feathers had been plucked out. The vet was concerned and vigilant but not over worried and Bluey is now home safe after his ordeal.

…we made a lovely little sculpey tea service today.

…I am grateful for Rawdon giving Millie a rare pat on the head …even though she weed on the carpet again today !

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