…what a beautiful day to take off work. Sun is shining…the sky blue with very few clouds, the house…very very quiet!!I am getting used to being in the house without the crowd, it is quite restful!So many things to be grateful for today. As I havent blogged for some time here are a few gratitudes!!!

…I cannot get over the fact that I met one of my blog followers quite by chance on wednesday at the Artrium. It was amazing…I was looking through our lovely new volunteer’s work and I recognised one of her pictures as an image I had seen before. It all fell in to place as I remembered thst this follower had liked a blog where I had mentioned Hartlepool. I remember her sending me a comment. Her name is Ruth Lowe…please check out her website : www.ruthlowe.co.uk her work is fantastic and I’m not just saying that cos she followed me! We were both amazed at the coincidence. Great to meet a fellow blogger.

…I have managed to find a chair/bed small enough to fit in the office/spare room it is coming from Poland! I also managed to get some hardwood chip in small sacs locally from Farnaby Turf to put in the chicken run. Check out the pictures of my lovely girls today and the newly chipped run.

…Can’t wait for a night in with pals tonight : wine, film, gossip and food!

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