…what a busy time, so much to do.Getting very stressed unfortunately. Just grateful that I have some stuff to keep my mind focused .Friday was a day of moving furniture back into the lounge from the garage. Attempting to get some order back into the house. Evening spent catching up with friends over mulled wine after watching the lights switch on in town.

…Saturday also spent on housework . The lounge looks amazing. Just sorting through books and junk . Gospel Shock choir concert . We were amazing if I do say so myself. A few minor mistakes but no clangers !

…icy cold today…up with the lark to get ready for a craft fayre at Scotch Corner today , a bit of a disappointment . No sales whatsoever!! Never mind . Fabulous chicken dinner tonight. I have never ever been so grateful for my bed. An exhausting week.


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2 Responses to Tiagratefulft:

  1. Oh… and Bev’s Gospel Shock solo was superb!!! Robin x

    • Thank you kindly good sir!!! We were pretty good today too I think !! Sue and I were saying how much we have all improved since you started leading us .Thanks for your input and your comment.x

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