Tiagratefulft: 16.12.12

…well I had best get back to blog !! I have been a busy lady.Here is a brief catch up of good things that have happened to me over the last week.

…I did a great art workshop with children from my daughters year at the local primary school. We made little printed bags.

…had a lovely christmas meal with work colleagues.

… My lovely H came home from university yesterday . Big hugs all round!

…choir concert as part of a children’s dance show .

My lovely chickens are still laying up to 4 eggs a day. I was expecting a drop off in eggs over winter but my lot are egg making dynamos seemingly!! Here are some fab pics of them in a rare patch of winter sunlight.

20121217-065305 AM.jpg

20121217-065332 AM.jpg

20121217-065345 AM.jpg

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