…I think I need to write a blog about my lovely Dad who sadly  and suddenly passed away in August. I have not been able to write much in this gratitude blog since then! I wrote my last Tiagrateful entry about going to visit him in July… I am so very glad that my sister and I made that trip with our children. I am very grateful that I had my Dad ! He was one of a kind …He didn’t say much but he laughed a lot and enjoyed his music. There is too much to say so I won’t try.

…we scattered his ashes in a beautiful calm sea and I remembered fishing for mackerel with him when I was 11…He loved Status Quo , the Stones and Muse amongst many other great rock musicians…he had good taste and a fabulous, ridiculous sense of humour.

…he was a carpenter and he could really draw…he made model airplanes . He was a remote but loving kind man…and we will miss him.

I have had to be really busy over the last two weeks so grief has come in bursts and in many forms…I plan to do an oil portrait of him when the time is right.Here is a lovely picture of him as a small boy aged about seven. This photo is one of the treasures we found when we cleared out his flat. RIP Diddy x



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