Things I am grateful for today

….starlings……today I spent my lunch break watching starlings in Asda car park in Seaham . They are such surprisingly beautiful birds. There seems to be a small flock of around 30 or so birds who are always there flirting in and out of the cars running across the ground constantly searching for specks of grub. When I lived in Devon we used to have starlings sitting on the roof of our cottage mimicking the sound of sheep , children’s screams and telephones. It’s true . They are amazing mimics . I love them , I want one as a pet !!!!

…the beautiful Skye dog is getting better !!! She developed a high temperature following her spay operation . This picture was taken a few days ago when she was at her most miserable! What was so disturbing was the complete change from such a hyperactive ball of energy to a totally immobile pile of fur and plastic!!! But she is definitely on the mend today after her antibiotics .

….I love people, I love the groups I work in . They are a constant source of inspiration and meaning in my life .


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