I am going to double my gratitude by blogging again daily  at least three things I am grateful for ! When I can’t think of anything to be grateful for I am going to let the universe decide ! Like yesterday . I was walking the dog and I thought “what can I be grateful for today?” And as my mind is consistently throwing me negatives at the moment I also thought ( at the same time I might add) it’s all a total fraud this gratitude lark ! And then I saw a lark !!! Yes I did an actual Lark! This is not an uncommon sight in high summer on the old racecourse where they make nests on the ground and fly up as you approach with their unmistakable bubbling song. But it’s October ! And since the grass has been cut and the hay bales removed I’m surprised to see a Lark on the ground ! 

The day was sunny and I was thinking maybe the lark is going to build another nest ! But that would be a bad idea ! The timings not right at all ! A Lark shouldn’t get over enthusiastic about one day of bright sunshine ! 

Then I found this feather.

I couldn’t think what bird it might belong to so I picked it up and took it home to identify . I also found this  

It looks like a wheat flower . I liked it so I picked it up .

I have found out that the feather belonged to a greater spotted woodpecker 

I know this is not a greater spotted variety but it’s a woodpecker nonetheless and the message is so on track for me now.

And the wheat flower ? I will do some research and let you know . 

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