.drawing in the Station with snow outside and Reeth Brass Band playing Christmas Carols !! 

 .being surrounded by beautiful works of art   And picking my favourite of each artist in the exhibition . 

These beautiful Raku fired ceramic owls by Kathy Pike

These expressive seed heads by Sue Dewhurst :

This wonderful snowy moorland photo by Ian Short  

There will be more to come next time when I will pick my favourite from John Degnan, Alistair Brooks and the lovely Papercutter Girl Claire Lindley . 

. Snow snow beautiful Snow ! 

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4 Responses to Ttiagratefulft:13.12.15

  1. What lovely pictures, especially the ones at Richmond Station and Reeth Brass Band. I play euphonium in the band and am just creating a new website for us. Would it be alright if I put your Richmond Station Drawing on our website? Full rights will be shown and linked back to this website if it’s ok.
    Thanks once again, and a happy New Year to you. I you ever come across us again, please let us know so we can thank you in person.

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