Ttiagratefulft 6.1.19

  • I packed a box this weekend . Just one . But it is the start . I also threw out a ton of paper and cleared some drawers. I have a lot to do but I am starting with what I can achieve now . The start of a shift !
  • I managed to cut my dog ! I mean I trimmed her ridiculous tail ears and feathers !! She was a ridiculous mess . Trouble is … she now looks like an even more ridiculous mess but with less fuzz !!
  • Me …. I am actually grateful for being me ! I love how i am beginning to allow myself to take each moment as it arises and relax enough to let stuff arise . I am really becoming less anxious about what will be and more excited about just being . It’s a constant battle though . X Today I relaxed and realised I wanted to create Soup …. so I did … Spicey Parsnip and celery and tomato ( my own recipes .. made up on spot) ! I also created a less shaggy dog … and a portrait of myself I’m ok with x
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Ttiagratefulft: 26.11.18

  • This lovely affirmation from Edgar Cayce I found it while looking through my diary today . It is so beautiful . To the point entirely . “
  • With joy I enter into the activities of the day. Without regret I remember the events of yesterday and with confidence I look forward to tomorrow , for today my heart is without fear !”
  • I know I post drawings of him a lot but Spike is my muse .My beautiful bearded dragon
  • Mossy pebbles . There are lichen covered pebbles on the beach in Colonsay where I went recently . I took photos and have one as my screensaver on my phone . The years these plants will have taken to establish themselves on these small pebbles , on that wild beautiful beach . Makes me happy .
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Ttigratefulft: 4.11.18

  • Antibiotics ! Beginning to work .
  • I have started my next Russian Doll project . It is a set of nesting garden birds . I have made the largest one a Goldfinch because they are so beautiful .
  • My Spike . Today he is sitting very grandly at the top of his viv looking like a God x   
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Three things I am grateful for today …3.11.18

  • My vapouriser that is spewing out frankincense and lavender . lavender for relaxation and frankincense for work and concentration. I have a poster to make for my teaching course and I need to buckle down .
  • My new Harley Benton Guitar. It’s small and powerful and has a beautiful sound and a relaxed action. A joy to play . I now am building a set list of songs ready to perform again and they are coming in nicely .
  • My Sennheiser headphones .listening to Jean Michel Jarre this morning and transported. 


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Ttiagratefulft : 16.9.18

  • On a train eating crisps
  • On a train drinking Chilean Merlot
  • On a train making a friend and sharing interesting and surprisingly deep conversation in a very short time .

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Ttiagratefulft: 1.9.18

  • Bonding with the featheries and scalies today . They have been having a wonderful time . Percy the Lovebird has met Nuxie the budgie and is teaching him how to fly long distances . Nuxie has met Spike the bearded dragon and did exactly what Percy did when he first met him , sat on his back and refused to get off. It’s been lovely watching them .
  • Luna wine from Lidl is a good full bodied red ( rather like myself x)
  • I am planning another trip to the Isle of Colonsay to experience open space , open hearts and open wine bottles .
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  • my boye Spikey !! He crawled up to my shoulder and sat staring into my eyes tonight . I know he loves me …. !
  • Radiohead : Burn the Witch

came on my random car playlist today and reminded me about good stuff x

  • Alien perfume . Makes me smell Goode xx
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