• Waking up in a comfy bed listening to the traffic on the A1 and knowing I am taking my daughter to her first big music gig !!! 
  • My lovely girl snuggled up and sleepy .
  • Thinking about breakfast . 
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Ttiagratefulft: 14.10.16

. I am so buoyed up when I see people’s creative ideas take shape . There is nothing more worthwhile than watching inspiration flower and grow . It seems the stuff of life ! 

  • Perhaps I can officially say I am an alien !!! Been reading the ( perhaps ridiculous)  theoriesof rhesus  negative blood types of which I am one A- . There is a theory that we are descended from ‘fallen angels’ or the alien race the Nephilim !!! Just finding out more. My dad would have loved this !! 
  • Mod Podge is my life . 
  • Neil Gaiman’s ‘Stardust ‘ novel is the subject of inspiration for an exciting illustration competition details here . Better get illustrating !! 
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….back home from a whirlwind trip to London . The smell of my dog’s head and the way she leans on me while I’m eating breakfast . Home . 

… marmite on toast then covered with hard boiled egg from my own chickens bottom ! 

…today I went to get the chickens up and they were all four of them in the eglu cube !! While I was away it seems the door of their old coop got shut so the two older chickens couldn’t get in to roost . Now I can put the old mite infested coop out of action !! Result . ( boring I know but not if you love chickens ) 

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. … Skippy Skye Dog !! Today I took her to the Batts in Richmond and I felt like a professional Dog trainer !! She is amazing ! 

… My  2 new chickens . Ginge and Bloobs . Unfortunately Getting some stick from the two old ladies . Ginge slept in the tree and I put Bloo in the new hen house .

….only 3 pics away from completing the book project . I have definitely improved over time ! 

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Ttigratefulft: 01.08.16

.today I said goodbye to a project that will always be dear to my heart ! I have made new life long friends from it and will always have very fond memories . We live in a world of temporary contracts but gladly not temporary feelings . 

. Today a tiny tiny fledgling wren flew right past my face when I went to feed the chickens . 

. I am tempted to go and see Status Quo in honour of my dad over Christmas in Newcastle . Thinking about Dad a lot recently . 

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Ttiagratefulft: 22.07.16

. Time 

. My beautiful daughter singing in the choir at school last night ! 

.BBC  Radio 6 ( great to work to and on a very calming psychedelic theme ) 

Psychedelic Panda ! 

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…very excited to have received my beautiful tee shirt hand painted by the lovely Wojtek London of Handpainted Club .A heart bursting with creativity and pride  

…Spike is shedding his skin it is magnificent . His whole stomach came off in one go today .I am easily pleased .what a brilliant print this will make > watch this space .

…getting on with the book and feeling like I AM GETTING NEARER . love drawing these little fellows 🌸

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